American Standard Gas Furnaces

am stand furnace2


American Standards mission was clear: design their first new furnace platform in nearly 25 years, improving the performance and making it easier to install and service, all while maintaining the DNA of durability that American Standard is known for.

Designed by our own system engineers, working alongside dealers from across the country, the S-Series Furnace is the most advanced dealer-friendly furnace ever made. After over 2-1/2 years of constant work, iterations, and testing, it’s now off the drawing boards and into production. And the verdict is in.

It’s easier to install. It’s easier to service. Its performance is improved. It’s tested and re-tested to meet our standards set well above the minimums required. And this time, to your real-world, on-the-job, rigorous standards, too.













Platinum Series

The most comfort and cost savings available in the market. Provides fully modulating heating, operating between 40 percent and 100 percent firing rates for ultimate in efficiency and comfort control. Offering features such as 96% fuel efficiency and communicating capabilities. When combined with the Acculink comfort control, the furnace responds to indoor feedback and controls the flame for combustion as well as the indoor fan. The AUHM series furnaces are the best choice for all your gas furnace applications.
S9V2 Gas Furnace  

Gold Series

The Gold series offers greater comfort control and increased energy savings. The Gold series offers Comfort-R technology exclusive to American Standard. A variable speed ECM motor puts an end to noisy startups that interrupt our piece and quiet. Designed with innovative, sound reducing components like insulated cabinets and ultra-quiet blowers, the Gold series ensure optimal comfort and energy savings. All Gold series also offers over 96% fuel efficiency and the ability to mount in multiple directions. The AUH2 series furnaces provides the most features for the money and you can ensure you will make the most out of energy dollar and enjoy dependable comfort every single moment.
AUH2 Gas Furnace

Silver Series

The Silver series operates quietly and efficiently for consistent and affordable comfort. The multi-speed blower motor gently warms the air and maintains steady, comfortable heat. All AUH1 series furnaces are Energy Star rated and are over 95% efficient and qualify for the federal tax credit as well as local credits.
AUH1 Gas Furnace