Trudo Residence – Newry Maine

Dealer: Bundy Mechanical

The Trudo Residence in Newry Maine is one job in a long line of jobs Coastal Winair has assisted with near the Sunday River Ski area. The homeowner Fred Trudo of Shoreline construction had inquired about a renewable energy solution for his home. After meeting with Andy and Ron at Coastal Winair – he knew WaterFurnace geothermal was his best option. The Trudo home was to have radiant heat using Viega climate panel on all floors, with Unico air conditioning on all floors.

The primary heating system was a WaterFurnace NSW075 water to water heat pump with a 120 gallon storage tank for heating and cooling. The home also had 6 independently controlled heating zones and 2 air conditioning zones. The air conditioning was Unico’s new variable speed air handlers with chilled water coils from the WaterFurnace 6-ton geothermal water/water heat pump. The flexibility of the Unico cooling system allowed us to run to areas of the home that conventional ducting would not allow.workshops7011008

Fred also decided to go with a Vitodens 200 series condensing gas boiler to heat his 92 gallon Viessmann Vitocell 300 horizontal stainless steel domestic hot water tank.

As an added touch to the job the Trudo Residence also incorporated (2) – 30 tube Viessmann Solar collectors to supplement the Domestic hot water as well as supplement the geothermal source water temperature.

The Trudo residence in Newry was a rewarding project in that it allowed us to work directly with the homeowner and provide him with the Hvac system that they desired. We are confident Fred will achieve the reliability and comfort he had asked for.