Seadog Brewing – Bangor Maine

Dealer: Jim Godbout Plumbing & Heating

The Seadog Brewery in Bangor Maine was a project that had many challenges. The owners of the brewery wanted to possibly use the Penobscot River next to the brewery to do WaterSource geothermal, however the town and DEP would not allow it. The next best thing logistically was to incorporate a 55 ton cooling tower with heat-pumps into his existing HVAC system. The contractor – Jim Godbout plumbing and heating of Biddeford Maine, incorporated (12) water-source heatpumps supplying water off (2) 4″ sch80 pvc loops. The loops allow independent heating and air conditioning in different areas of the building at the same time. Moving heat rejected from 1 area in the air-conditioning mode to another area that needs it in the heating mode. seaDog1Another added touch to the system was adding the heat rejected from the refrigeration equipment (coolers/icemakers etc..) to the 4″ mains. In the heating season this heat, normally wasted to the outdoors was rejected into the main to be used in other locations throughout the building that require more energy. This was done by the use of (6) Krack manufacturing water-source refrigeration units, all recaptured energy to the building. A few other notable features on the job were both a Viessmann Solar system and a DDC automated control system to incorporate internet access and remote monitoring. The Viessmann solar system provided hot water that will “pre-heat” all of the Domestic hot water for the restaurant. The Viessmann vacuum tubes will provide a life-time of “free” energy from the sun for the brewerys domestic hot water needs. The DDC control system will allow the owners and general manager the ability to do multiple tasks online as well as remotely in the building. Features of the DDC system include HVAC lock-out alerts, internet access to view conditions in the space, capablility to turn the heating and airconditioning off and on as well as changing setpoints as well. seaDogSchematicThe Seadog Brewery in Bangor Maine is another example of using proven, systematic techniques as well as new technology and local resources to provide the best possible solution for the project owner.seaDog