Mitsubishi American Standard Ductless heat pumps

Why Mitsubishi ductless HVAC systems are right for you?

How do you get cleaner, more comfortable air flowing into a home that has no central HVAC system? What about when you’ve put in an addition to your home that’s isolated from the existing ductwork? Mitsubishi ductless HVAC systems are the answer. They provide durable, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for these and other situations. Furthermore, you have more control over the air quality needs of specific areas. You can implement single-zone climate control and manage the temperature from room to room.

Alternatively you can zone each room independently of each with our multi-zone units. Zone up to (8) indoor units off one outdoor heat pump; maximizing true control and system comfort.

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The FH line of high-efficiency wall-mounted heat pumps are offer industry-leading efficiency and triple-action filtration for a healthier home. The 3D i-see Sensor™ uses infrared technology to sense your heat signature, directing cool and warm air where it’s needed most, and helping to save you even more on your energy bills.


The low wall indoor units mount to the floor, or up to 5″ above the floor, and have front panel access to the filter for ease  of cleaning. They are perfect for difficult areas that may be smaller or don’t have usable space on the walls.




The MLZ series ceiling-recessed one way cassette can easily be mounted between the joists, making this product ideal for retrofit or new construction projects.




This full size ducted air handler is ideal for both system replacement and efficient heating and    cooling ducted applications.






Multi one Units

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With the MXZ-C multi-zone standard and H2i® systems, you can enjoy ideal levels of comfort in the rooms you use most while reducing energy costs. Each zone operates independently. People in different rooms — like the kitchen, master bedroom or living room — can set temperatures for personalized comfort.



MXZ Outdoor Units Highlights

  • Mix and match flexibility of indoor unit styles and combinations
  • A wide range of indoor unit capacities that match the room size and requirements
  • Flexible options to tackle the most challenging multi-room installations
  • High-efficiency, multiple ENERGY STAR® combinations
  • Four- and five-ton outdoor unit can support up to eight indoor units using branch boxes
  • New five-ton outdoor unit for large residential home applications
  • Auto restart following a power outage
  • Self-check function offering integrated diagnostics