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Seadog Brewing – Bangor Maine

The Seadog Brewery in Bangor Maine was a project that had many challenges. The owners of the brewery wanted to possibly use the Penobscot River next to the brewery to do WaterSource geothermal, however the town and DEP would not allow it. The next best thing logistically was to incorporate a 55 ton cooling tower with heat-pumps into his existing HVAC system. The contractor – Jim Godbout plumbing and heating of Biddeford Maine, incorporated (12) water-source heatpumps supplying water off (2) 4″ sch80 pvc loops. The loops allow independent heating and air conditioning in different areas of the building at the same time. Moving heat rejected from 1 area in the air-conditioning mode to another area that needs it in the heating mode. seaDog1Another added touch to the system was adding the heat rejected from the refrigeration equipment (coolers/icemakers etc..) to the 4″ mains. In the heating season this heat, normally wasted to the outdoors was rejected into the main to be used in other locations throughout the building that require more energy. This was done by the use of (6) Krack manufacturing water-source refrigeration units, all recaptured energy to the building. A few other notable features on the job were both a Viessmann Solar system and a DDC automated control system to incorporate internet access and remote monitoring. The Viessmann solar system provided hot water that will “pre-heat” all of the Domestic hot water for the restaurant. The Viessmann vacuum tubes will provide a life-time of “free” energy from the sun for the brewerys domestic hot water needs. The DDC control system will allow the owners and general manager the ability to do multiple tasks online as well as remotely in the building. Features of the DDC system include HVAC lock-out alerts, internet access to view conditions in the space, capablility to turn the heating and airconditioning off and on as well as changing setpoints as well. seaDogSchematicThe Seadog Brewery in Bangor Maine is another example of using proven, systematic techniques as well as new technology and local resources to provide the best possible solution for the project owner.seaDog

Long Residence – Raymond Maine

The Long residence in Raymond Maine features a complete radiant heating system with 2″ lightweight concrete pour-over on all levels. The heating system is highlighted by (2) WaterFurnace NSW050 water to water geothermal heating systems installed by Hamilton’s Geothermal from Gray Maine. The geothermal is supplied by 1090′ of vertical closed loop with Wilo Stratos variable speed circulators on the source piping.
In addition to the radiant heat – the home also features five chilled water air handlers supplied by the geothermal chilled water system. for air conditioning during the summer months.


The Long’s also chose to incorporate a Viessmann Vitodens 100 series boiler as a back-up to the geothermal heating system as well as providing domestic hot water for their home. Mike Marquis Mechanical installed all the Viessmann equipment as well as the entire HVAC system.
The Long’s also added a Viessmann 30 tube vacuum solar collector to preheat their domestic hot water. The solar system delivers the hot water to a 80g stainless steel hot water tank.

The Long residence is another great example of Coastal Winair’s mission to integrate our new variable speed energy saving products with proven renewable geothermal heating and air conditioning technology.


Trudo Residence – Newry Maine

The Trudo Residence in Newry Maine is one job in a long line of jobs Coastal Winair has assisted with near the Sunday River Ski area. The homeowner Fred Trudo of Shoreline construction had inquired about a renewable energy solution for his home. After meeting with Andy and Ron at Coastal Winair – he knew WaterFurnace geothermal was his best option. The Trudo home was to have radiant heat using Viega climate panel on all floors, with Unico air conditioning on all floors.

The primary heating system was a WaterFurnace NSW075 water to water heat pump with a 120 gallon storage tank for heating and cooling. The home also had 6 independently controlled heating zones and 2 air conditioning zones. The air conditioning was Unico’s new variable speed air handlers with chilled water coils from the WaterFurnace 6-ton geothermal water/water heat pump. The flexibility of the Unico cooling system allowed us to run to areas of the home that conventional ducting would not allow.workshops7011008

Fred also decided to go with a Vitodens 200 series condensing gas boiler to heat his 92 gallon Viessmann Vitocell 300 horizontal stainless steel domestic hot water tank.

As an added touch to the job the Trudo Residence also incorporated (2) – 30 tube Viessmann Solar collectors to supplement the Domestic hot water as well as supplement the geothermal source water temperature.

The Trudo residence in Newry was a rewarding project in that it allowed us to work directly with the homeowner and provide him with the Hvac system that they desired. We are confident Fred will achieve the reliability and comfort he had asked for.


St Andre’s Health Care – Biddeford Maine

Saint Andres health care facility in Biddeford is another example of one of our best commercial contractors work. Eastern Mechanical in Biddeford Maine was subcontracted to replace the (2) existing oil boilers at the facility and replace them with (2) new Viessmann Vitocrossal high efficiency condensing boilers.

Ron Dunsmoor of Eastern Mechanical was awarded the project and Coastal Winair assisted with product application and design.

sta2The main scope of the project was the boiler replacement, swapping the existing oil boilers to the new Viessmann Vitocrossal condensing gas boilers was quite an undertaking. It included venting the new high-efficiency condensing boilers with 8″ poly-propylene piping – which had to be vented up an existing chimney. Also on the scope was the addition of (2) Viessmann 120 gallon stainless steel indirect water heaters for domestic hot water for the building. The Viessmann storage tanks have the feature of stackability, which fit nicely into the new mechanical room.

sta3Eastern also installed a Viessmann staging control with a lead-lag feature. The control has numerous functions; including modulation of the boilers gas valve in order to provide just the needed energy for the building. Although the (2) boilers have the heating capacity of over 2,000,000 BTU/hour; the control can evaluate the system and provide just the right amount of energy the building asks for. This feature – along with the higher combustion efficiency, will provide increased fuel savings for years to come.

The St. Andres health care facility was a rewarding project for Coastal Winair – it allowed us to work closely with the contractor on the heating system design and provided the flexibility and timing he needed to make changes necessary along the way . We are confident St Andres will achieve the energy savings and long-term sustainability that they are looking for with the Viessmann boilers.


Pierce Residence – Cumberland Maine

The Pierce Residence on Cumberland Foreside was a job that demanded the best of the best. Mcguire Construction and John Scott Plumbing and Heating have a reputation for providing top of the line products for their clients on Rte 88 in Cumberland Foreside. The Pierce residence was no different, The Pierce home was to have radiant heat throughout with air conditioning on all floors. John made the decision to go with (2) Vitodens 200 series condensing gas boilers as the heating plant for the home with a 2-stage modulating boiler control to lead-lag and rotate the boilers.

The home consisted of 8 independently controlled hydronic zones and 6 air conditioning zones. The air conditioning was American Standard variable speed air handlers with chilled water coils supplied by a 10 ton chiller piped remotely behind the pool house. The variable speed air handlers provide increased efficiency and peaceful comfort for the entire home as well as reduced utility bills.

As an added touch to the job the Pierce Residence also incorporates (2) – 30 tube Viessmann Solar collectors to supplement the Domestic hot water as well as heat the pool in the summertime. The solar is piped from the pool house (shown) undergorund into the home supplying a 120 gallon domestic hot water tank.

john_scott_logoThe Pierce residence in Cumberland was a project that clearly defined our mission statement “To provide contemporary energy solutions to our contractors and their customers. To achieve this mission we will offer the highest possible level of expertise available on only a select number of products hand picked by Coastal Winair.” We applied products that John Scott Plumbing and heating demanded for such a project and matched them to the job to ultimately provide the homeowner with the most efficient heating system possible.